"All sorts of things can happen when you're open to new ideas and playing around with things."
- Stephanie Kwolek


"How can I contribute?"
Glad you asked.

Being a volunteer led organization we would love to have you participate in this journey.
There are 2 way to contribute: (a) Data Analysis and (b) Articles/Opinions/Papers

Data Analysis: Contribute new metrics and analysis to us.

■ Type of analysis: You can pick-up any popular opinion and the underlying hypothesis which you think is prone to error.

■ Metrics: Think of metrics that can be used to quantify it.

■ Data Sources: Look for the latest official records. Look at country’s official statistics sites. Look at data sets from World Bank, Multilateral Agencies, etc.

■ Submission: at Data Reveals we maintain high standards of authenticity; it is important and need you provide your analyses in the below format.

    ■ An Excel template can be downloaded here.

    ■ Once your analysis is ready please email the same to hello@datareveals.org.

    ■ And yes, you will receive attribution & credit for the analysis (unless you prefer to     remain anonymous).

Articles/Opinions/Papers: Use our data to write and publish articles/papers

■ We hope our analysis inspired you to think. We’d be delighted if it has inspired you to write.

■ We suggest you use our data, charts & analysis to write blogs, articles, opinions, academic papers; or whatever form you’d like to express yourself in.

■ Magazines, Newspapers, Youtubers, Podcasters, Journals, etc are always looking for new and exciting content. While we maintain a strict independence of process (i.e. will not be able to help you find publishers for your pieces), we do know of writers that have enriched their content through our data.

■ Feel free to use our data in your writings. Our only request is you attribute/credit us for our work.

■ We encourage you to include pictures, charts and videos as applicable.

■ We occasionally consider blogs (between 500 and 700 words) and feature them on our site and/or inner-circle network. Please email your analysis to hello@datareveals.org

Do you want to Participate?

If you wish to participate, volunteer, and/or contribute to Data Reveals;
Kindly fill the form below



A good analysis starts with a good hypothesis, is conclusive, data backed and has a strong insight

Please record original data downloaded, URLs and date on which it was accessed

Visualization is critical in analysis; we suggest keeping the charts simple. Bar Charts are quite powerful. Please refer to our analyses here for inspiration

Be relevant, make a strong argument, keep it data backed, just opinions are not encouraged.

Below are the steps you can take:

Choose your topic and analyze to figure out your position on the subject.

A sample structure for your blog:

  • Para 1: Introduction to topic of discussion (para #1)
  • Para 2: Argument #1
  • Para 3: Argument #2
  • Para 4: Argument #3
  • Para 5: Conclusion

Yes, you will receive credit and your name will be included as the author of the analysis or blog. We will also mention a couple of your social media handles, so readers can follow you if they wish to

If you have not heard back, it is since we have received multiple requests and are working on it. However, should we not deem your analysis/blog worth posting, we will let you know by mail. We are likely to decline to publish your blog if it is not fully backed up by evidence and proper sourcing is not provided

Currently datareveals.org only supports English 

Drop us a mail with your questions. We can be reached at hello@datareveals.org

Please be specific with your questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible