"The world seems scarier than it is because what you hear about it has been selected—by your own attention filter or by the media" - Hans Rosling


There are opinions, there are biases, there are narratives, and somewhere within or outside, lies the truth.

False narratives have huge implications on all of us. On individuals, organizations, society and policy-makers. The need to revisit popular narratives is now more than ever. 

We at Data Reveals empirically test popular opinions and narratives, as hypotheses should be, and use data to verify their factfulness.. We draw together data from various official sources, analyse and juxtapose them with each other, to  build saner, factual, data-backed conclusions.

Our only ask of you is – Be open, if evidence flies in the face of your assumption.. 

Take the following statements as examples?

● “Nations that are More economically developed are safer than those that aren’t”

● “The Western world leads the way on sustainability” 

Here’s what the data reveals:

● “Many developed nations have a higher crime-rate than developing nations, across numerous specific categories of crimes.”

● “Bhutan is the only Carbon negative country in the world. India is the lowest among peers in CO2 emissions per Capita”

We won’t be surprised if these data points surprised you. Heck, we’ve even met people who’ve told us data “must be wrong”, because they “know” otherwise.

We started our pursuit by analysing  official (a) Crime data and (b) Sustainability practices; across selected nations. 

With time, we hope that this effort brings a permanent change to how news is reported and consumed. A change that is driven by users and consumers, who demand more of facts, and less of an opinion. 

Remember - Anyone can have an opinion. But facts are for the brave.

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