"Allowing someone to help you see the world differently is a gift you give yourself"
- Nir Eyal,  Author of Hooked


Media narratives are often lop-sided. Anecdotal information is extrapolated as a “trend”, strawman fallacies are abound, and correlation is frequently conflated with causation. Developing nations, especially in Asia and Africa, suffer from a reinforcement of stereotypes in Western media.

As a result, the truth is lost somewhere in all the noise.

Data Reveals is an effort run by truth-seekers and fact-checkers, to validate media-narratives through empirical data.

We use official sources of data from governments and multilateral agencies, normalise and make the data comparable, bring in factors that make nations unique, and then test hypothesis. The objective - to support media platforms pivot from opinion-based to data-based stories. So you hear the truth, not a reporter’s interpretation of it.

Board of Advisors

Mohandas Pai

Mohandas Pai is a Padma Shri Awardee and former CFO and Board Member at Infosys. He is also the co-founder of Akshaya Patra, the world’s largest midday meal program, and works actively with government and regulators on policy recommendations and guidelines. Mohan has served as the Chairman of the Board of SEBI, and is now a Board Member of the National Stock Exchange in India. He has emerged as one of India’s most prolific angel investors.

Anuraag Saxena

Anuraag Saxena is a Chartered Accountant and MBA based in Singapore. His work on policy-reform and activism has been featured in BBC, Washington Post, The Diplomat, Economic Times, Sunday Guardian, Man’s World, Doordarshan, Times of India, and SPAN. He is passionate about heritage, policy, and culinary-history.

Shashank Bhavaraju

Shashank Bhavaraju is a Management Consultant and MBA based in Singapore. He specializes in finding tech enabled solutions to various challenges. He is passionate about understanding life and biases, public speaking, and sports


Ravi Jha

Ravi is a lawyer and a policy analyst. After having worked as a corporate lawyer for close to 4 years he switched track and completed his Master in Public Policy at National University of Singapore as a scholar. He currenlty works as a senior investment specialist with Invest India, Ministry of Commerce, GoI

Vinayakan Aiyer

Vinayakan Aiyer is an experienced business travel & expense management professional. In his free time, he vigorously pursues his hobbies of reading, listening to music & volunteering at India Pride Project. His other interests are personal finance & geopolitics.

Dheeraj Nanduri

Dheeraj Nanduri is a designer and an entrepreneur. After having worked at Ernst and Young as a Management Consultant, his interest in design led him to start his own venture.


Himanshu is an MBA, a senior executive and financial services professional based in Singapore. He specializes in using technology and data to create solutions that ensure total financial inclusion and security for those that are at the bottom of the pyramid. He is a professional road cyclist, an outdoor runner and an Indian history and culture enthusiast. He is passionate about role of Indian and global youth in building a connected society with equal opportunity for all.